doylescordy: Basically with each new background is a different decade. Not a specific year on all of them.
So until about 0:15 it’s the 1910s. Then 0:16 till 0:21 is the 1920s (with 0:21 being the mid-late 20s flapper look). Then 0:23 until 0:30 are the 30s. Then the 40s and 50s have the same background. 0:33 and 0:37 would be World War II era looks. 0:42 starts the 1950s. Then 0:50 to 0:56 is the 60s. Then the 70s (1:07 is late 70s disco). Then 80s at 1:09. Then 90s at 1:16 (1:20 is very mid-90s).

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