Dance Flow in Tango


Dance Flow in Tango was not just invented for the fun of it. It was rather created so you can concentrate on the music and on your partner while dancing. However, that is not possible if you have to spend all of your concentration on stray couples. Therefore:

  • Follow the lanes anticlockwise and try to avoid changing as much as possible. The concept of lanes might seem awkward, but that’s how it is.*
  • Number and width of lanes depends on dance floor size and number of couples. 
  • Enter dance floor when there is space and only if the couple to the left has seen you.*
  • Do not start next to another couple and force them out of the lane.*
  • Pedestrians: Yield to dancing couples!
  • Do not wait or dance so slowly that you cause a traffic jam.*
  • Do not just dance into gaps where ever there is space. This only causes chaos.
  • Do not start with a backward step.
  • Do not dance in between lanes. (Moving on lane margins is extremely annoying.*)
  • Do not cut off others.*
  • When changing lanes, ensure that you have been noticed. Give space to others who want to change lanes.*
  • Do not crowd the couple in front  of you. They still need to be alone to turn.
  • In case of a jam, stay in your lane anyway. Usually, after passing it is not much better.
  • If there is a lot of space in front of you, most likely there is a jam behind you. Do not go backwards. The man behind you does not expect this. 
  • If you really need to do it: Pass Left! LEFT! (because of the blind spot).
  • Ladies: Do ganchos and boleos low, except if you know that there is space or if you completely trust your partner. Accidents are not always your partner’s fault. 
  • Try to spot the couples next to you from the corner of your eye.
  • Small turn on the spot might help.
  • Aim of equal distribution between couples. 

*almost like on a highway

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