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FRI, May 8, 2015, 7:30 pm, New Theatre NDK


Devised and directed by Geoffrey Sykes
Performed by Cosmina Soare
Images by Janet Ayliffe
Music by Tomomi Takahashi
Voice of Susie Lindeman

Walk in Beauty: On Earth is a special multiform one person performance includes a compilation of poetry from the world’s early cultures – North and South American, African, Melanesian – as well as extracts from modern poets and poetry, mixed with everyday speech. The signature text is a North American Indian song/poem. The aim in part is to remount ancient writings in a contemporary fresh style, as a form of homage. In its theme and narrative the show follows a direction (from sleep to wakening) from our pre-human ancestry, to the birth of humanity through language, wonder and self-identity, to a depiction of modern creativity that intersects dramatically with depictions of the planet. There is at the beginning of the show a tension between depiction of social and environmental catastrophes – quickly captured in a nightmare sequence – and the dreamscape lyrical impulse that comprises most the show. The show dramatizes the possibility of reclaiming our evolutionary past, of a species born in wonder of the earth – not primarily out of conflict. The show concludes with a glimpse of a shared planetary future – humanity reborn in its best light. The show has been performed in two seasons in Australia to outstanding reception and reviews – and was performed in October 2014 at the Inculise Studio Theatre in Bucharest and the Teatrul Municipal „Bacovia”, Bacău in October 2014 as part of the „E-Motional” dance festival.

The performance plays in English!

May 8, 2015, 7:30 pm
New Theatre (National Palace of Culture)

Tickets: New Theatre Ticket Office or https://grabo.bg


The show is implemented in cooperation with LAOKOONTANGO - http://www.laokoontango.com