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Regularly, free choice of day and time




Boutique Private Lessons

Why you should choose this educational form of Tango Argentino:

♣   Elegant boutique atmosphere
♣   A glass of wine for a good mood
♣   Seminar structure of the program
♣   Personal attention thanks to the reduced format
♣   Progressive overlay of material and skill building
♣   Personal consultations, personalized advice, professional guidance
♣   A stylish gift for any occasion and for everyone you really love and appreciate

The training is carried out by unique and а special consolidated program created by LAOKOONTANGO®

Venue: LT Studio
Specification: 5 consecutive thematic practical lessons
Dates and time: The TANGO DELUXE initiative starts daily, regardless of a specific day or time! The only requirement is a proir fixed appointment between us and the person/couple!

Compulsory use of a clean pair of shoes during the lessons!

For complete information about TANGO DELUXE® and the requirements, contact us through the contact form on our website or the phones listed there!

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Before & After Restaurant - Sofia, Bulgaria
LAOKOONTANGO performs 'Primavera Porteña' (Astor Piazzolla) by Color Tango