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Every Tuesday - 9 pm, Chillout Cafe 2

Milonga "Tango Chillout Café" has powered by LAOKOONTANGO two years ago as an always presented part of tango-life in Sofia. It has created with the presumption to be the most avant-garde milonga on the Bulgarian tango-stage. In the very beginning it has won the fame as a most alternative tango-center in Bulgarian capital with its own unique music sounding and uncompromising sound, where the fascinated tango-sets of DJ Laokoon, standing out in the irresistible atmosphere of Chillout Café 2, preserve with dignity the LAOKOONTANGO motto - To air the wings!
The musical magic of milonga "Tango Chillout Café" is a perfect mixture from classical tango music - represented by the most popular composers and orchestras in Buenos Aires (Argentina) during the times; electro, chill and neo-tango styles - the music of the new tango-generation and the exclusive "trade mark" of milonga "Tango Chillout Café"; every elegant, alternative and avant-garde musical circle from the whole world, deserving attention for dancing Tango Argentino.
For the free-minded people (life style & style of life) with non-standard ideas (art & design), heretical taste (musical & fashion) and erotic liking (dinner, drink & sexual), milonga "Tango Chillout Café" is the perfect place, where everyone could be touched by the beauty, elegance, passion and harmony of Tango Argentinothe magnificence, refinement and aristocratism of the original!