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Tuesday - 4/3/2008, 8 pm, Chillout Cafe 2

LAOKOONTANGO has continuing consecution of especial "Milonga Tango Chillout Café" editions, where has presented the inimitable spirit of modern tango music.
The next one special milonga will be on Tuesday - 4/3/2008, under the heading: "Attitude to Pugliese I".
"The great innovator. So radical ... but never over-the-edge; always Tango Tango."
Successor of De Caro style and the inspirer of Salgan and Piazzolla, the composer with a strong rhythmic beat, very appealing to the dancers but without sacrificing quality.
A milonga for the admirers of the refined style - Pugliese vs. De Caro, Troilo, Gobbi, Laurenz, Calo, Maffia, Firpo, Salgan, Piazzolla.