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Friday - 25/4/2008, 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm, Club Pulse

in collaboration with
World Beat Nights - Dancing Around The Globe
E L  R I T M O!
the real latin soul experience
April 25th 2008 /Friday/
Club PULSE /50 Tzar Samuil Str./
Music: Sanoni & Salsa Doctors DJ Circle
DJ Laokoon (milonga party)
Vision: The Rain Army
After its last edition dedicated to Venezuela El Ritmo! - The Real Latin Soul Experience night is moving forward which is a sign that the authentic spirit of Latin music and dancing is coming back to Bulgaria. Our next destination is Argentina. On April 25th /Friday/ at club Pulse (50 Tzar Samuil Str.) except the electrified dance mix of salsa, meringue, cumbia & reggaeton this time another ingredient will be added to its - Tango Argentino. The party will start unusually early at 7:30 pm with milonga (party where tango is danced) which will continue till 11:30 pm. Special guests on that night will be Ivaylo and Gabriela - tango studio LAOKOONTANGO (www.laokoontango.com).
Those who want to experience in one night melancholic passion of the tango and joyful ecstasy of the salsa are invited to dance.
Traditionally on each event from this series the stress is put on the real Latin spirit. That’s why this time again the most important for the good dances will be not the skills, but the improvisation and the attitude to the partner.
For the tango music and visuals Ivaylo - LAOKOONTANGO will take care, and after the milonga the danceable mood is held by Sanoni and Salsa Doctors DJ Circle.
The price for the whole event is 6 BGN.
The price for the milonga from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm is 3 BGN.