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New Bulgarian University, Sofia





Center for Continuing Education



in collaboration with






under the patronage of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic





For 2010/2011 academic year

In qualification program





 "Introduction in the aesthetics of Tango Argentino"




Practical and theoretical courses [150 h + 10 h bonus]


Basics of Tango Argentino I - technics/figures and combinations (ecnica basica de Tang I) - 30 h


Basics of Tango Argentino II - styles/technics/figures and combinations (ecnica basica de Tang II - estilos tango/tecnica/combinationes y figuras) - 30 h

  • Milonga (Milonga - lisa y traspie)
  • Waltz (Vals - Criollo/Cortado)


3. Basics of Tango Argentino III - Modern trends/Tango Nuevo technics (ecnica basica de Tang III - Tango Contemporaneo/Tecnicas de Tango Nuevo) - 30 h


4. Musicality, rhythmic, improvisation - principles of Tango dancing (Musicalidad, cadence, improvisacion - los principios en el baile) - 30 h


5. History and poetics of tango. Instrumental and vocal tango - tyles, orchestras, singers (Historia y poetica del tango. Decadas. Tango instrumentales y tangos - estilos, orquestas, cantares) - theoretical - 30 h

  • "The Old Guard" and the 20th years of the 20th century (Guardia Vieja y los anos veinte)
  • 30th years of the 20th century (Decada del treinta)
  • 40th of the 20th century (Decada del cuarente)
  • Astor Piazzolla - 60th years of the 20th century and contemporary tango (Piazzolla - decada del cincuenta y tango contemporaneo)
  • Tango language and the "lunfardo" style. The literature of "lunfardo". Poetics and poets of tango. (El lenguaje del tango y el lunfardo. Literatura Lunfarda. Poesia y poetas del tango.)
  • Tango in media and arts - radio and television, cinema, theater, fine arts (Tango in la media y artes - radio y television, cine, teatro, en la artes plasticas y graficas)
  • Tango and society. Tango and politics. (Tango y sociedad. Tango y politica.)


6. Practice (Practicas permanente) - free of charge - 10 h



Annotation of the program

  • Argentine tango - dance, philosophy, theatricality, a game! Radical resistance against the commonplaceness and insanity of spiritual emptiness, one moral protection against the artificiality of the present, an open door for every derailed dreams and wishes. Tango - uncontrollable ecstasy of our own identity, called to liberate the feudalism of our own history. Tango - wringed wail of suffered loneliness of our souls, a barricade of our feelings against the social feudalism, the key of the chains of the personal fear. Tango - the vocation to leave in the cupboard the naphthaline coat of resignation and submissiveness and to put aggressively the dazzling jacket of withered of desuentude passion.



Aims of the program for the students

  • to master the technics and specifics of dancing argentine tango
  • to enter in the aesthetics and philosophy of tango as a phenomenon
  • to realize that their own body is something exceptionally important, unique and significant
  • to confirm, through the dance, a right approach to communicate with the Other
  • to discover tango as a manner of social interaction
  • to reach, through tango, a maximum level of psychically and physical self control



Preliminary requirements

  • A good corporal and physical condition, musicality and sense of rhythm, registration with a partner




Successfully graduated the course students:
1) know that:
  • Argentine tango is not just a dance, but a unique dance culture
  • Argentine tango has acquired a cult statute on a world scale long time ago
  • Argentine tango is an aesthetical phenomenon, a deep spiritual and intimate act, one elegant penetrating in the layers of the human spirit and mind
  • Argentine tango is a perfect provocation for achieving an unity with the people around, a field of individual utterance of “I could”, an expression of the personal identity, freedom to touch themselves to the surrounding world
  • Argentine tango is a total psychological and physical alternative of everyday stress, charging the human being with powerful positive and constructive energy

2) could:

  • dance Argentine tango on a very good level and to practice it in social conditions
  • to practice their skills as creating individual aesthetics and a choreography of their own dancing performance
  • to consciously control their own body and psyche as transforming the dance in their own relaxant
  • to construct their own aesthetic taste criterion, for beauty and exquisite
  • to stimulate and ennoble the relations of the surrounding world using the dynamic and the passion of tango in their everyday life



Technical supplying

  • Movies, educational films and materials, multimedia, D, DVD...



Language of teaching

  • Bulgarian, English, Russian



Director of the program: Ivaylo Alexandrov



For information and registration

Center for Continuing Education

Room 107, tel. 8110 137, Anelia Iankova; @: aiankova@nbu.bg